Driver's / Customer's age must be:

Must be 23 years - car groups A, A1, A2

Must be 25 years - car groups B,C, C1,C2, D, D1, D2, D3, E, E1, E2, F, F1, F2, F3


Driver's / Customer's drivers license must be:

Must be in force for at least 1 year - car groups A, A1, A2

Must be in for force at least 2 years - car groups B,C, C1,C2, D, D1, D2, D3, E, E1, E2, F, F1, F2, F3



Only the person whose name is listed in the contract as the ”driver" /”additional driver” is allowed to drive a rented car, the car insurance will be invalid if the car is driven by any other person than a person listed in the contract as the "driver" / ”additional driver”.


Car Accident/ Car Damage

In the case of an accident or any other incident with the car, it is your responsible (the customer) to contact CRETE AUTOMOBILE emergency number (0030-6989552987) and the Police (100). The customer is responsible to follow all the insurance procedures and cooperate with the insurance company and the Police (fill in an accident report form) failure to do so will result in the insurance been invalid. The car should not be moved from the place of accident until after the police has arrive.

Car Breakdown

In case of breakdown call the emergency number ( 0030-6989552987).


The customer is responsible for all petrol cost, the approximate gas level is noted down in the car contract at the time of delivery, it is the customer responsibility to return the car with approximately same gas level or pay the difference on the return day.

 Traffic Regulations

The customer is obliged to observe all traffic regulations.

Traffic Fines

The customer is liable to any traffic fines (e.g parking fines, speeding fines...), while the car is in their use under the rental contract.

Key Lost

The customer will pay a minimum of 150 EUR  (depending on a key type and our closest car rental station) in case of lost, damage or lock key in the car.

Booking Cancellation

You may cancel you’re booking by informing us no later than 48 hours prior to your agreed rental date, Crete Automobile will then return your full deposit. Failure to comply with the our given  cancelation deadline will result in us keeping the deposit and the possibility of Crete Automobile taking legal action for the full cost of the car rental.


Car Chassis and Tyres

The insurance covers damage to the car chassis and its tyre’s under the condition that the car has been driven only on asphalt roads. It is not allowed to drive the rented cars on stony ruff roads, or off road unless it is an off road vehicle.


Rental Period

1 day rental is a day on which we generally deliver the car in the morning (from c. 08:00 a.m.). And collected in the evening hours (as agreed) on a return day. We calculate rental time according to your arrival and departure when a car is delivered at the airport. We are able to deliver a car at the airport 24 hours a day.


Payments, Contracts, Taxes

All the car rental payments and contracts are processed by CRETE AUTOMOBILE or GREENWAYS S.A. in Greece (Crete). All the local taxes are included in the car rental rates.



It is not forbidden to leave the island of Crete or to ship the hired car without the written permission of CRETE AUTOMOBILE.

The car rental company CRETE AUTOMOBILE is not responsible for any delay of the car delivery caused by unforeseen circumstances, the agreed delivery time is an approximate time only and they may occur some delay. 

Please contact us on our emergency number in case of a considerable car delivery delay.

CRETE AUTOMOBILE also presents GREENWAYS and J&D car rentals.  We only arrange the communication between the you the customer and GREENWAYS /J&D rentals CRETE AUTOMOBILE does not accept any responsibility for any actions by GREENWAYS  or J&D rentals to the customer.

All money paid for car rental is nonrefundable in any case.