The car rental rates in Crete include following insurance:

The full insurance cover is included in price and without any risk, the customer is relieved from liability for any damage to the hired car, and includes the following: 

  • Third Party Liability (€ 1,000.000 cover)
  • Wheels and tyre’s insurance
  • P.A.I. – Personal Accident Insurance
  • C.D.W. – Collision Damage Waiver with no excess charge
  • FTI – Fire and Theft Insurance
  • WTI – Tyre’s and Wheels Insurance (on asphalt roads)


In case of damage to the hired car or an accident, you will neither pay damages for your car nor to the third party.

The full insurance which we provide covers 100% material damage to our hired cars.

You accept the insurance terms as mentioned above as well as bind yourself to pay adequate amount of money (according to the rate list) by signing the car hire contract when the car is delivered to you in Crete. By signing the car rental contract you also accept the general terms and conditions.

WARNING: The insurance loses validity in the case of:

  • The customer (or a person listed in the contract as the "driver") is intoxicated or under the influence of other drugs when driving the rented car.
  • The rented car is driven (without the written permission of CRETE AUTOMOBILE) by a person that is not listed as a "driver" in the contract.
  • The car is driven on stony ruff roads, dirt roads or sand (i.e OFF ROAD).
  • If the authorized driver  damaged the car willfully.
  • If the customer did NOT informed CRETE AUTOMOBILE immediately and properly about an accident or damage to the car and did NOT followed the insurance procedure (i.e call the police, complete and sign the police report).